Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Meet with Ernest Zacharevic


On the 22nd of October, Michelle and I planned to try our luck in meeting Ernest Zacharevic, in which our registrations were rejected due to overwhelming response. But because we were still encouraged to meet him, we decided to pop by and see how it goes. So, after having a short swim, I rushed to meet Michelle and walked to Pisang Lane, a lane next to Penang Lane (or some sort). It was an event organized by amcasia.

Turned out that they still have seats available and we were only ten minutes late for the talk. So we stepped in. Michelle was too busy looking at the pictures, while I almost noticed the food the first thing I entered the room. Sorry, speaker.

But anyway, the presentation consists of Ernest Zacharevic sharing his views on his arts and inspiration. In case you have no idea, he is the first few artist who made the Penang Georgetown street art, which Carmen and I fervently tracked down months ago.

It was interesting to know how he did fine art and went into street art. It was something very different from me. He enjoys interaction with audience through art and expressions. Me, however, is not very open with expressing outwardly. To paint a painting on a wall, for me, is like exposing my inner world to the public (as though putting them on Internet made any difference, haha). But yea, I guess I haven’t meet the zen of doing street art for I only did that few wall-painting things in my life so far.

I liked how he accepted and rejoice in the impermanence of street art. They get vandalized, fade away, painted over… For him, it is not really a big tragedy. And that makes me think that’s how we always looked at our life. We can do great things or have great moments, and they are not always permanent. What’s important is that it happened, and you know it’s true.

I never thought I would learn anything interesting from the talk except looking at art, but I guess I learn something about life through it as well. Not to mention, I do enjoy the food after the talk, and witness beer flowing from a tap. I know, I’m really that hermit.


Michelle Boo said...

Just discovered this post of yours! I'm honoured to be featured on your blog :D The tap really looked like a normal water tap, who would know that beer flows out from it! It was also the first time I tried hummus ;) Had a great evening with you and I'm glad to know that you got a meaningful takeaway from the session.

Mafer said...

Haha, Michelle! Glad you found this post! Yes, I definitely find that meet a surprise gain of the day, given that we were initially rejected out of the registration, haha!