Monday, November 18, 2013

A Warm Pinky Birthday from Boatmates

What was the difference that happened to my birthday along the years, was that from having my birthday celebrated by my family, it was celebrated by schoolmates, then hall friends and then when my fellow boatmates (some of them) came to Singapore due to several reasons, I get to celebrate my birthday with them again! We used to do things like handmade birthday billboard, or funny surprises. There was once they did a birthday celebration right under my nose, in my house with the excuse of ‘passing notes to me’. This time, it was coupled with a Marché outing with Stephanie and Zhuangli and we went for SEA Aquarium (using the free tickets!).

What I was given was this alien-like creature that turned out to be a piggy bank wrapped inside these gloves. Looked pretty cute, with or without the glove – even though it’s not my usual m.o. to use pink. I am slotting coins in that owl nowadays. They knew owls are one of my favourite animal – hipster much!

Besides, I was given these books. They were so Parisian. They got me so many different sizes because ‘they don’t know which one I’ll need’. How thoughtful of them. I will be making full use of them in future. I’m still using my exercise book for logs, but I can do small notes in these.

Moreover, all these goodies were wrapped in this rather sweet pink. I like this one because it is partly blue and looked cartoon-ish. Not sure if I get to bring this out, but really thanks a lot for the gifts. These were surprises given that I didn’t expect any gift since I didn’t need any actually. It’s a bonus, haha.

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