Sunday, November 17, 2013

Four Fingers and Vietnamese Noodle

Saturday, I was very honoured to be accompanied by Shiny who actually worked half day and came all the way to Orchard to watch Ender’s Game with me. Other than the movie, we get to try on Four Fingers as our lunch. The queue was preposterous, as what I’ve heard from my peers. I ordered the combo meal of wings and drumettes while she ordered one-drumstick-three-wings combo meals.

And we posed with the food, with me trying to exhibit the four-finger, in my own way. That’s a bit of pseudo-Spock. Haha!

The food was quite good. It was not the usual fried chicken and I ordered soy garlic. It was a bit too salty, from my perspective, but tasty. According to Shiny, this is the kind of fried chicken they sell in Korea. I had seaweed fries, which was quite good too. I would say the chicken is the main attraction.


Later, after the movie, we had a go in the food court and I tried this Vietnamese Cold Noodle Salad. It was quite nice, given that you are used to the Vietnamese food smell of course. They have this very special sauce that almost gave every dish taste. This particularly was actually accompanied by BBQ chicken, which I finished up too fast.

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