Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary, Doctor Who!

Happy Birthday, Doctor! Happy 50th Anniversary, Doctor Who! (Supposed to be 23/11/2013)

Watched the 50th anniversary special, but not going to put that in here. In this one, I would like to write about my appreciation to a show who accompanied my journey for a few years and many more to come.

I would never have seen this coming, few years back, when I was so curious about this Doctor Who show that was mentioned so fervently on the internet. I was (and still) then a Potterhead. Someone was fangirling over David Tennant’s Barty Crouch Jr. character and I obviously has not a single clue. So when I first started to have a look at this show, it was Planet of the Dead. Surprisingly, I like the sciency part of it and I decided perhaps this show is something worth watching, never prepared of how big this thing was!

My life, certainly, has been changed in one way or another by things I learned from the show. Many fans focused on the friendship and companionship that was exhibited flawlessly in the show. I have to say I learned a bit of that part. However, I was intrigued, more on the philosophy part of the show. It gives me a way to look at my life. And I am terribly grateful for that opportunity. It was not just about the plot, but the work behind the scenes, that attracted me.

I used to be a person who thought movie or TV were rubbish. In my opinion, they served nothing but entertainment. But as I grew up, I realized how wrong I had been. Learning to extract the essence from these media, is an acquired taste, I would say. You won’t get it until one day you finally experience it and things are never the same again.

I am not a fan who will queue hours to buy the ticket, who will dress up as a Dalek during a comic-con, or who will write tonnes and tonnes of fan fiction over the character I liked (if I ever have), but I experience Doctor Who in a way that perhaps no one else has. Everyone has their own Doctor Who story anyway.

So, I would like to hereby thanks Doctor Who for such a great experience and looking forward to more of it!

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