Monday, November 18, 2013

Lovely Card from Friends

So the first card I received for my birthday was actually from Zhuangli and Stephanie, during the eating session in Marché. They were very kind because they even asked me about my birthday like months ago. And they asked if I needed anything. I would like to know what I need because I can’t think of anything that I really need or want, so in the end I just asked for a slice of fresh cream cake, big enough to be shared by the three of us. In the end we didn’t actually found that cake, but everything was perfect enough. I enjoyed a brunch that I wouldn’t have gotten myself, with company and this very lovely card. It is very special because it is handmade by recycling material. It’s a cereal box actually, with all the stickers and random stuff. It felt like a scrapbook, haha. And, of course, the usual ‘essays’ that is the result of graduating from university, an ability you gather along the education.

One good thing about this card is that I can hang it on my wall too! It is now among all the wallpapers in my room, next to the balloon.

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