Thursday, November 28, 2013

Movember November

So, let’s get back on the track of telling what I was blessed with this new chapter of my life. Ex-colleagues/friends/folks/peasants/whatever – I truly have no idea what should I call them, but they’re a bunch of nice people whom I don’t mind spending portion of my time with. We had a late celebration, which really blushes me because I didn’t think my birthday worth a special celebration for real.

And since I have been popping around their office playing pranks or pasting moustaches on cats calendars, I got one of my own masterpiece back on my card. I guess that’s how karma works, haha!

No matter how, for some strange reason, I received a lot of pink stuff this birthday. I secretly have some rebellious friends huh? And yes, they picked a pink card and tried decorating my name in pink. I am okay with this pink though. Plus, the interior was actually nice shade of blue.

Most of all, I like how I am crowned as the King Mouse-Bear here, being served tea by a lady bug and also a twittering bird bringing in the teapot. It sounds like a place as peaceful as the Shire. Sorry for losing myself into my imagination for a while…

And, of course, the essential part of this card is the messages. They were lovely and nice and funny. I was smiling all the way as I read them – even though they’re not essays… Thanks, mate!

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