Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Whovember, Here I Come!

I know it’s just the start of November, but I am too excited for this month will feature the return of Doctor Who series, particularly the 50th anniversary episodes with eleventh doctor regenerating into twelfth, on 23 November 2013!

But of course, that is future. I should write down what happened in October, not November. Blimey!

This month was filled with barbeques. Thanks to one of the member leaving to Scotland, some of the people missed him so much that we must have more than the usual amount of gathering. I was of course happy because of the food, haha!

I finished the book Gifted Hands by Ben Carson. It was a great read. And wrote about some research on treatment for Ebola virus.

I started my October with a non-paid commissioned request for drawing something. It was a great experience, even though that comes with a certain amount of pressure. Drawing with certain guidelines is afterall not the same as a freestyle drawing. For that, I learned a lot about discipline. And today, I met the person and the comment was ‘It was great, it actually captured what we wanna show’. I was pretty happy that at least it is not as bad as I imagined. I am grateful for that experience and trust.

Not just that, I was able to find a reader for my previous writing work and get some good critic. That is not exactly a work of October, but happened in October. I felt so lucky to be able to listen to useful words.

I get to have a chance with meeting Ernest Zacharevic, the Georgetown Street Artist, thanks to Michelle’s persistence. It was a great meet and an eye-opener.

I ended my last four days of October being stuck in the Singapore Red Cross Association, not because I was forced (thankfully). And after some revision of what we learned from secondary school and some revised policy and techniques, I am now a certified occupational first aider, CPR and AED operator. I am not entirely experienced, but that’s not the reason why I should lessen my effort in giving out help.

Other than that, October went pretty eventful.

Not just that, I started November with a blast too!

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