Thursday, December 05, 2013

Last Month of the Year

And yes, the surprise when a new month is announced was not very profound this time. One thing, Christmas decoration was up way too early, that they appeared right after Hallowe’en. Two, this is the season whereby most of us need to remember to get our tickets and apply for leave or pack for home. Three, you have gone through eleven of them and it doesn’t take too long for you to realize how much of a year you have spent.

It is a week into this new month and there are already a lot of things going on, my!

Here, I would like to record how I am rather pleased with myself for what I’ve done in the previous month, November.

I had a – a series of splendid birthday celebration with people around me. I am very very happy for that. Head over heels, if you ask me. In fact, I was really surprised that after I thought I needed nothing and hence in no need of present of any form, I still get quite some lovely gifts. This is really, really a great thanks to my friends! This made a milestone for me and another promise to contribute to the world. My birthday wish, as I mentioned, has not really come true yet, so far. I hope I live to the day when it happens, and more so, I hope I could be involved in contributing to it too. Let’s see…

We celebrated friends’ birthday as well, because I realize November babies are ridiculously a lot. Counting back showed to be around Valentine’s week, hehehe… I even attended a wedding in November. Time when peer’s weddings are coming up and will be more soon. I shall embrace myself, ha!

Semester is almost ending. I ate a lot of nice food, not to mention the amount of expenses on food. I am glad that I did not waste my money on unnecessary stuff, but spending too much on food did make me think I should really pay a bit attention on it in case it went way off.

November also marked the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who (okay, there’s a 10+ years gap in between, but the idea is there). I am yet to pen down my opinion over the special episode, which right now I can describe as YOWZAH!

I did finished the book Consilience by Edward O. Wilson. It was quite a challenge for me as my English was not, to start with, very good. I should write about it soon. I do post two science blog posts about The Science of Doctor Who and bactericidal nanostructure.

I do paint a bit and do quite some experiments. So, yes, life still goes on as usual, decorated with events, big or small, sprinkled around my life like fairy dust. Goodbye, November; Hello, December!

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