Sunday, January 19, 2014

One Month Two Funerals

Procrastination has not been my area. In fact, there are only those few things in my life that I do dawdle about until this came in, writing about my recent happenings. I probably wouldn't go into too much detail in this post because I might leave the extra bonus sneak peek to the few confidante, or perhaps a book or perhaps no one else (procrastination alert again). Either way, here is a story of what happened to my life in December 2013.

11th December 2013
My Granny, from my mother's side, passed away. I received the call on 12th. She was admitted to the hospital out of breathlessness since 10th. It was not the first time, but due to her old age and fragility, every time she was admitted to the hospital out of breathlessness, I was rather prepared with any news that came. So, on the 12th, when I get to know the news, I wasn't expecting anything else. I even forgot to ask if I should go back for her funeral. It was at a later hours when my lab mates talked me to go home to visit her for the last time.

I debated with my parents over whether I should take a bus back or flight. My parents were for the flight option while I was planning to save money by taking bus. In the end, my father said he would sponsor my flight ticket for this trip. I booked the flight through SilkAir and decided to return the ticket money when I went back but my father refused. But, I get to bring my monthly 'parents money' to my father during this trip.

The funeral was a peaceful ones and Granny finally rest in peace next to her husband, my GrandDa whom I never get to know, in their cemetery. The whole thing ended quite well. After brother return to KL, I was supposed to board a night flight back to Singapore. My father was worried about me reaching Singapore too late, while I thought there were still taxi for last resort anyway. 

However, when we reached the airport, the company officer told me the flight I am supposed to board has been delayed to later that night. Instead, they asked if I wanted to change my flight. I thought they would charge, so I didn't ask further and simply mentioned the suggestion to my father. My mother was unable to bring me to the airport because she and her siblings were busy discussing the post-arrangements of Granny's funeral. My father thought it would be good if I can change flight. Turned out that I could change to the earlier flight, which was in almost half an hour, with no charge. My father supported me in getting that change. 'It's fate lo,' he laughed. I think he was happy and relieved to have me reaching Singapore when there is still daylight.

23rd December 2013
My father battled around twenty hours of unwell symptoms before passing away. Everyone was home for Christmas that week. I looked forward for the Christmas lunch we reserved a table for that Wednesday. In the end, the whole week turned into wake and funeral. The details of what happened were indeed precious and heart-wrenching, but I knew I took back much more than that. I learned so many things within that ten days that I felt like I grew so much older in just ten days than in the last ten years (okay, maybe I exagerated). A replay of the whole incident was still a horror or deep-thought-stimulating to me. I'm not sure how's every one in the family is reacting to this sudden loss, maybe I will find out again when I get home for Chinese New Year. And - turned out I have to still pay for my own flight back for Granny's funeral, such is the in-the-end-it-still-comes-back-to-point-zero. 

I know there probably is not much chance of someone reading this, but I would like to take this opportunity to thanks those who helped and showed concern over the period of time. I was astonished to see so many kindness and love in the world. 

So here are the tales of two funerals that happened within a month. I did not mean to write them in detail because I preferred to leave some intimacy between me and them, but I thought writing a summary down would probably help me to set a chapter down in my life.

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