Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Father

This is where I went during the first day of Chinese New Year 2014, Chu Yi. No, not that hill - somewhere that could see that hill. It was the cemetery/crematorium place my father's urn was kept. It was my father's lunar birthday too - for the first day of Chinese lunar calendar. For the tradition, we would visit his urn/grave/what-ever-it-is-called. We thought it would be deserted over the site as most Chinese would think it as an unauspicious thing to visit a cemetery. Turned out it was quite a scene as a lot of people were around. I guess perhaps Chinese New Year is the time when most people finally reunite with family, so they would take the opportunity to visit their loved ones who left too.

It was especially refreshing and amazing to travel to this place because the scenery was superb. I would get to pass by paddy fields and rubber plantations. And of course, visiting the urn somehow felt complete because I get to greet Chinese New Year to my father's urn. It was not exactly the same as greeting him as a living person, but good enough. We took some time there before we headed back home. It felt a bit like spending the morning of Chinese New Year with my father, a kind of family reunion too.

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