Sunday, April 27, 2014

Temple Visits

So after visiting my father's urn, our evening activities for the first day of Chinese New Year were still the same, temple visit. And since this year, we can't do all the major visiting, we could take all the time we have to visit different temples. I was still not a fan of the joss sticks because I can't take the smog very well, but there were interesting things to note about temple at different times. You could see packs of families gathering and visited the temple, such reunion. And when there were little people, you start to feel the serenity of a temple too. Some of the temple do have some wish-writing thing for donation. It was quite cool, even though it was actually a donation. I take it that instead of the temple getting donation, they did some blessings for the people in return. The concept could be quite nice.

And beware of this structure! This where people burn some papers in. Usually, if you get a complete package of joss sticks, it comes with candles, joss sticks and a few paper that could include a lot of different things. I'm not really sure what it has in details though. I just find the manufacturing of these was quite good as they produce such easy-to-burn paper with colours. Some temple had a not-so-ideal design where this structure was too far from the main temple area, hence you will see some people running towards it after lighting it using the temple candle fire – which could be an induced exercise.

Some temple, however, due to the funding and support they get, they were built very nicely and grand. It reminds me of different civilizations, where religion serves as a meaning-giving entity and people usually supports with loads of energy. I was always amazed by the art they provide. One must appreciate the hard work!

And because this year was Horse Year, the decorations were set up accordingly. This particular ones had moving horses, galloping on the stage.

And look at how loads of people taing photos of the art. These visitors are not just people who came for the prayers, some of them were tourists from other states. The second photo was the Bai Zi Tu, a classic Chinese art with a hundred kids in it. I've heard someone saying that for those couple who wished for child or children but did not succeed could try having one in their house for the good aura. Not sure about you but that painting reminds me of Bruegel's work.

Different temple with different taste…

And finally a dragon-carved pillar to mark most of the temple. They were now mosty of 3-dimensional instead of paintings.

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