Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Sunday was Father's Day.

We used to have minutes celebration when Papa was still around. He didn't believe in these occasion, thinking more philosophically of 'every day is father's day'. I agree with that. And thanks to that idea, we celebrated each day fully. And thankfully for that, when he passed, I couldn't count much regrets left. Most of the heart wrenching moments were being missing him or attachment on all the has beens and could bes. 

Almost many things we wanted to do together, we did. There are also many plans we made that we never get to finish, but I know sometimes I have to know something is impossible to be perfect.

I am extremely grateful for my Papa was partly who I am. I gotta give credit to my Mummy and other people who shaped me too, that's why. But I appreciate how even for his passing away could teach me so many things. It was as though he was still around. His shadow in every corner. He gave me some idea of what kind of person I should grow up to be.

It's my privilege to have Papa as my father, my teacher, my friend and my comrade. 

Life journey is like a train ride. Not all the passengers will accompany you for the whole journey. At some point, they have to alight, and new people boarded the train. The impact of the person could not be measured by the time they were on the train. But how your adventure went, was somehow linked with these entering and exit of people. Therefore, I appreciate these people who once came in and take a ride with me.

So, once again. Thank you, Papa, for being who you are.

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