Sunday, June 22, 2014

Indonesia-Penang Trip II

31 May 2014
We woke up late, to bright and sun shining day. In Jakarta, the midpoint of the whole place was west to Singapore, the timezone was later than Singapore while the actual loaction of Jakarta was east to Singapore. Hence, we experienced sun rise very early in the morning and a very quick sundown in the evening.

We were brought around by the driver and headed towards our breakfast location. It was a slightly better built warung in a house unit. And we get to order Bakmi. Mee Bakso was the popular mee in Indonesia but because most of us don't consume beef, so we opted for Bakmi, which came in the choice of chicken, beef and some others.

Other than noodle, there were some other delicacies sold too, like a usual breakfast stall. We also found out they called dumplings and suikau differently. One of them is basically wanton.

This is Bakmi with the special noodle. You get to choose different kind of noodles but this is by far my favourite. The noodle was nicely done with pepperish plus oil kind of mixing. It reminded me of kolo mee, but slightly different.

Together with it was this fish cake-like snack and keropok. It was delicious especially when eaten together with the chilli provided and bakmi.

And check out how their tin containers looked like. It was good in the sense that you don't need to find a spoon or key to open it like those in Malaysia/Singapore, but this also means it is not air-tight and might be prone to air-leak (lau hong in hokkien).

On top of that, of course, we were served with jasmine tea again, which helps when we were eating a lot of the chilli sauce.

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