Sunday, June 22, 2014

Indonesia-Penang Trip IV

31 May 2014
From the market, our friend has some errands to run while we chillaxed in a supermarket. On the way, we passed by this very humble shop. Just to give an idea of how some warung looks like. They were just set up beside the road. And sederhana means 'medium'. We called it a humble shop because usually shops name will indicate they were the best or nicest, but not average, unlike this one.

Of all things in Indonesia, we decided to revisit our childhood fast food, A&W. See, we were even taking photos with the mascot bear.

However, we ordered something more unique to Indonesia, such as rice and soup. It doesn't look like fast food now, does it? And of course, how could we came to A&W without ordering root beer float, right?

Look at how the rice was served, like a burger.

After the main meal, we decided to try their ice cream cone It was a mixed flavour, chocolate and vanila. But most of all, note the generosity of the staff of the ice cream. Most of the McD I visited in Singapore can't even achieve half of that!

After A&W, our friend went on with errands while we went for a second round. This was what happened when you have people with big appetite. It was a japanese stall but used to be our friend's high school hangout place. The price was unfortunately increased, according to our friend. We tried the meat and the spring rolls. Mainly, this was to fill up our tummy and rest. The shop was pretty quiet, hence a good place to chill.


Fanny Ng said...

MAfer, Only in Jakarta is already 4 post! Will u upload the Bandung and Penang one? Hehe

Mafer said...

Hi Fanny, yes will do. Gotta post it over the weekend. Need some time to organize the posts too >.<