Saturday, June 28, 2014

Indonesia-Penang Trip V

31 May 2014

One might think of visiting mall during a trip is the most unexciting activities, but no - it was far from it. Everything was relaxing and comfortably slow paced until we saw Giant. Yes, Giant, the same Giant we had in Malaysia and Singapore, only - this is so much more interesting.

For me, this is an opportunity to dive into immersion of the local lifestyle, from their grocery.

First we passed by loads of snacks. The problem here isn't just about the amount of snacks the mart could provide, it was about the what-on-earth prices too. It is definitely affordable to eat snacks. Not just that, there are several brands that we never get to see, some of the local brands and some with special flavours. For example, we found barbeque flavoured Hello Panda.

It would be disgraceful if I didn't at least try to find Teh Botol in an Indonesian mart. And I didn't have to. Just down the aisle, there were piles and piles of drinks, different brands of jasmin tea - until I found my favourite Sosro. And they were sold at around 50cents SGD per bottle, putting all vending machines in NUS to shame. 

Look at how happy I was when I found them.

Other than the usual jasmine tea, the mart do sell different things too, such as coffee. We realized they sell quite a variety of coffee, and the Kapal Api probably was one of the local's favourite, since it was displayed in large quantity at a side. There was even herbal tea which they called Liang Teh, same as how Singaporeans pronounced (Penang Hokkien would usually call it Leng Teh).

As we swayed across the dairies, this was what caught my attention. You might be thinking about Japanese beancurd, which they do sell it as per Malaysia/Singapore. But these packages over here were soy bean milk! If I were not careful, I might have bought one and thought they were beancurd. But to think of it, this packaging probably ease the drinking process since you just need to cut the tip and start sipping.

Another interesting part was the milk section. Instead of UHT milk, they sell sterilized milk! And the Nestle bear canned milk was probably one of the famous milk drink over there. The one on the right could be opened like a normal canned drinks as well.

Indomie Section. Nah, Indomie was in fact only one of the brands selling indonesian noodle. One of the common food you could find in a warung, was Indomie. They were dried noodle mixed with sauces. Here, there were different brands with different flavour. This is me posing with a trolley of instant noodles. It was not my trolley. The trolley just happened to be there and I thought it was fun to take an exaggerating photo with it.

Anyone named Amanda would probably been reminded along the trip because this was also one of the frequent word appering everywhere. Apparently, that was a famous brownie in Indonesia.

Another section which we spent quite a lot of time in was probably the toiletries - of all sections. Yes, the products were very cheap. From what we gathered, the manufacturing factories were mostly based in Indonesia, resulting in cheaper prices here because of lack of transportation cost and everything. However, the prices were ridiculously cheap that we were wondering whether Singapore was charging a little too high for let's say - sanitary pads? It could have save so much more if they were selling at the Indonesian price!

And in the end we bought half a trolley of stuff, spending quite a long time in a mart. It looked like the most boring thing you would do, but it turned out to be filled with so much excitement and happiness. Great grocery shopping indeed!

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