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Indonesia-Penang Trip VII

1 June 2014

Jakarta to Bandung
Late previous night, all of us had talks and most of them were just nonsense chat. But I guess when you are out of school, there were only those few times when you get to chat with someone till sun rise. We didn't chat till dawn, of course. We stopped around midnight and rushed back to the room to pack for the next day. That's because, the next day will be our trip to Bandung.

So early in the morning, Fanny's father drove us all in the car to the taxi area. It was interesting. Back in Malaysia, when we are to travel somewhere around the country, that would be plane, train and the last one bus. And this one was a bit like the bus. Chartered by a sort-of private company, for trips between certain places - only that there were no bus, but six-seaters. It was awesome and an unfamiliar experience. We were seated with two other passengers and started our trip to Bandung.

This is where we started:

And we passed by some small town and went pass buildings, including that castle-like Carrefour.

And finally the view was different. Instead of driving on a subway looking upon towns and buildings, we are among the buildings now. There were cars everywhere and lots of people.

And we were dropped here finally. Apparently, this company has branches around the place, just like bus companies in Malaysia. And another good thing about them, they provide lots of water, which is something I like about the service.

And the moment we stepped out of the car, the weather hit us just at the right time. Wham! Good impression! For a person who had been sweating like a water fountain in tropical countries, I really enjoyed the weather in Bandung. The air quality was not so good with some visibility issue, but the weather was really just nice. It was cooling and yet not chilling, neither humid nor dry. I could let my hair fly all day, which was rare back in Malaysia or Singapore.

And so we waited for Lucky, Fanny's friend who will be our tour guide during this part of the trip. He has been a good tour guide so if you're interested in knowing one, here is his blog. And below is me while we waited, drinking more water and enjoying the cooling weather, even though we were in fact just under a shelter.

And sure enough, Lucky arrived moments later. He helped us with our bags and provided us with more water (hooray!).  We were to have our first small meal first. So we sat in the car and sort of had a tour around the area. We could see lots of buildings and also institutes and schools. According to Lucky, Bandung was known for the amount of universities and colleges situated there. And the right photo was a building of the common communication services in Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia. There were also stalls parked at the roadside, which somehow reminded me of Apollo. 

After some time, we arrived at the eating place. It was a cute little shop house selling different kind of food. But our main aim here is siomay. We took our seats at a table with chilli and the Bango sauce. And as many of the Indonesian stall we visited so far, they provided with the menu list for ordering. Since Lucky is the local, we leave it to him to decide which food fit us.

And here is us, waiting our food to arrive, taking selfie as we go.

One of the snacks we ordered was this kue pancong. They came in two options: savoury and sweet. The Savoury ones has a bit of coconut milk or santan smell. WHile the sweet one is sweet with flour with a bowl of sugar. I personally preferred the savoury ones. It could be quite filling though, seeing it being comprised of flour mainly.

And here is the main dish, Siomay!

From here, I would not be sufficient in explaining how Siomay taste like, but I will try my best. THEY ARE AWESOME! Partly because I liked fish and lekor. So when this dish was served into my mouth, I was so so happy. It has the lekor taste and sauces accompanied with it. I could see that as a very very nice snack. The texture was not too hard or soggy or chewy like most lekor appears to be. It felt more like a compact fishball with a little dash of tauhu texture. The sauce that came with it was nice, even though I wouldn't mind eating without it.

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