Sunday, August 31, 2014

Indonesia-Penang Trip VIII

1 June 2014

Shopping and Durian Ice Cream
After the small snack, we were supposed to head for what many tourists came for, shopping. I was not particularly a fan of that, but it was nice to have a look at the place. Our trip took us along the streets with shophouses and stalls to neighbourhood area. We even get to pass by their railway. Look at the train!

The places where we were visiting for the shopping were like standalone shophouses among others. They were quite nicely decorated and very well maintained. It's like a small little boutique themselves. And I quite like the variety of clothes they sell.

The prices are quite reasonable and the reason why there were branded clothes sold at such price was due to their factory being located here. It would be very suitable for those who vy for certain brand of clothings. I, on the other hand, did not put brand at the priority list. Instead, I looked for the clothes texture that can suit my rather 'delicate' skin. Anyway, I was running low on cash (because I just changed enough money to survive), so I didn't buy anything, haha. Next time, if I ever come back, I shall save some money for this. Who doesn't like cardigans in rainbow spectrums right?

One of the place was like a ring of shops with a small outdoor garden in the middle. It was nicely arranged that it felt very nice. And since I was not really buying anything, I spent quite a big amount of time there, enjoying the weather and a moment of peace.

While the others were shopping, I do enjoy making use of the props available to take funny photos, such as this cute little ladder. Or I would observe really elegant indoor decor. Or I would take candid shots of others.

In between shopping, we walked along the street, which felt very comfortable because of the stalls. And check out this stalls that hang durians like nobody's business. This is a durian ice cream stall, and they have real durian hanging at the stall! It is not just the ice cream being durian, it was even mixed with durian - so much durianfulness.

In case you wonder what is the end product. This is. It is very very nice. Unlike commercial durian ice cream, this is very durian-ish where you get to chew some real durian flesh once a while. Sip!

On the street, there were many different stalls, like how you would see in Malaysia. Many selling traditional toys, which I guess was due to the fact that that area was known for touristy. There's this Cilok which are mountains of meatballs in the cart. 

We did walked to different stalls for shopping. There were quite some lovely flowery shirts and this (right one) super long giant dress.

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