Saturday, August 16, 2014

Leaky Situation

Seriously, this probably is not the ideal situation you want to put yourself in but I'm glad I learned something from this very interesting incident.

Before going to the alumni day, I bought a take-away of teppanyaki bento. It was cooked on the spot and served to me in a food container. That was when I realized that it was dripping from the bottom. To my horror later, my first emotions and thoughts arised were rather unpleasant. I jumped on the idea of the food being bad and how the workers were complacent in preparing the packaging. I thought that was unacceptable and was going to just ask my money back. All these, happened in a split second in my head. This proof how much thoughts could fire in our minds in such a short time. Luckily though, I decided to bend down a bit to look at the bottom and spotted a crack at the bottom. Although I wasn't sure if it was really just a crack, it did not show any sign of melting. Haha, I've quite some experienced with melted food container, that's why - not sure that's my luck or what. That also means countless disappointed meals because you would have no choice but to throw them away (sorry for those starving souls). So in the end, I had the worker packed a second layer so that I can have a closer look at it later. 

Post mortem:
It was a crack underneath a non-heated portion of the box. I had watched the worker took from the stock to the cooking part. I can only guess that perhaps the stall gotten a very bad stock of containers or it was an old stock, which might not be an ideal case as well. But oh well, keep on complaining, and I'm going to turn myself into the rowdy old lady somewhere who nudge and complain at everything and never be happy. So yea, I'll just skip the bad-stock part.

Henceforth, the take-home message would be I should tackle this situation in a more diplomatic and peaceful way (if there's a next time - which I hope not). But the same principle could apply to different situations. I guess sometimes human nature tend to find fault with others, especially when the things are not happening as expected and I'm quite ashamed of my lack of investigative instinct in this matter as a scientist. Either way, my excuse was my survival instinct that warned me against any food that looks dangerous, hahaha. I think I will have to learn how to inform the staff when I found hair in the food in a more gracious way too, instead of 'Auntie, there's a hair here!' (this is what I did last time - I was lucky the auntie didn't hold a grudge on me),

It's a happy ending though. I didn't really confront the worker and I get to enjoy my food happily.

* Looks like I get quite a few crack-incident lately, not to mention a pool of pH standards in a box thanks to a cracked vial, or splashes of berry juice in the common fridge because of some leaked juice box. 

Well, what a leaky week.

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