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Indonesia-Penang Trip X

1 June 2014

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park, Lembang - Bandung

We were drove uphill, passing by lots of hills, where we could spot layers of plantations and how the locals grow the crops like staircases along the hills. It was pretty and calm and not as green as those photoshopped on the Internet. Nonetheless, after staying on a small island like Singapore for quite some time, being able to look at such massive landscape, is a luxury to the eye. For once in a while, you experience how small humans are and how far we came by. The whole thing was just surreal.

When we arrived at Dusun Bambu, literally means bamboo orchard/farm, we could recognize it straightaway. The roads were lined with decorative bamboo and there was this totem pole/structure made out of bamboo. It immediately reminded me of those bamboo structures we built during camps in secondary school.

As all the places in Bandung, the weather there was awesome. It was not very cold - cooling and yet with sunshine, just nice for me. The park was more like a recreational park. So there were lots of families or tourists around. 

We were greeted by this very nice pool of duck, quacking away and spotted this carriage. This is way too colourful but I like that hippie-ness. 

Needless to say, good weather with good scenery equal to really nice place. Phototaking was inevitable.

These place are not real paddy field I think - at least not the full scale. But by building bridges and paths next to it, brought people nearer to these nature. To be truth, the last time I walked on a paddy field, was during cross country run in my secondary school (not to mention my encounter with cow dung). Many people didn't even get the time to know how does it feel to be so near greens.

And so here our journey went...

The park was renovated at loads of its side. As in, it did not look like original forest where you get trees everywhere and for a region like this, probably a jumble of shrubs with layers of flora. It was clean, decorated and sperataed into sections. Well, it does make the visit a pleasant one, because it felt like 'a walk in the park' than 'trekking the jungle'. There was a section where families could let their little ones build this mini-car-racing tracks.

There was a canopy walk kind of place and bird-nest like stations for resting. Even the rubbish bin was so cute. Part of the park was made into playground, which included this instrument - in case you wonder, it gives out different sound as you hit them, according to the length of the wood. On the other side, there were swings!

One-person swing was too mainstream, let's have one with everyone on top! This was extremely difficult to manouvre because you need the unity of all riders, plus the seats was actually a log. Instead of sitting and swinging, I was busy balancing my butt on the round thing. 

The canopy walk was rather crowded but we managed to take some photos. We get to look at the bark of a tree closer at a greater height. Not just that, at some point, you'll be able to look further and oversee the hills from the park. It was nice, but I do feel that the walk should be a loop or bigger distance.

This is how we look at trees.

Look at the sunshine and cloud and - yowzah!

After we passed by the food place, there was a plain with little funfair-like stalls. There were rabbit-feeding stations where kids were pouring lavishing love over the bunnies, rubbing and scrubbing the little animal. I'm not sure if all of the children know how to handle the bunnies properly, but for the period of time when I was there, they seemed to be quite gentle. Another station was all about ctaching little fish. This is a bit like what you get in Bon Odori, except you use a real net rather than some paper-net. 

Even though I know all these flowers and plants were planted for decorative purposes, I have to say I quite like the place. The plants were not naturally grown there, but they made the whole environment very peaceful.

We even spent some time sitting on the grass! Oh, we spot a 1000 rupiah note on the ground, so we ended up donating it out as a tip.

There was also a wooden platform near this little lake where you could sit down. I suspected that was a performance stage when it needs to be, but that day, it was a place for visitors to chill.

And here is me trying to spam photographs!

Note how the water surface was so calm that it reflects! 

And thus, we finished our visit to Dusun Bamboo and made our way out of the park, with very very fond memories indeed.


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