Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Riding Bicycle on Rainy Days

Watercoloured with only black colour, I tried to depict the memory of mine on rainy days. Most of the time in my primary and secondary school, I spent my life inside school. We have class till two and we have activities after, or we have extra classes. So a lot of the time, the schedule was so different that my parents were not able to fetch me like a chauffeur. So, I get to ride a bicycle to school if I get to go back home or my aunt's place during lunchtime. If not, I would be walking back. Having a bicycle is not all good sometimes. It means you have one more responsibility, to bring that bike back, to make sure you lock it, even during rainy days. There were days when I was just not patient enough to wait for the rain to stop, so I decided to cycle in the rain. And if you have ever tried cycling with a raincoat, you will know how redundant that idea is. It was not always a gleeful experience. I like the way the wind and water splashes, but I am not very fond of the water splashing on my glasses. And if you are not careful, you might get mud spots at the back of your clothes. 

Of course, after I got my licences, I do get to ride a motorcycle, but I started to develop a habit of staying back instead of stealing time back home. Sometimes, I do get to hitch-hike my friend's car, but most of the time, we didn't even get the time to walk to and fro from home. We walked to nearby shops for meals and we return to school for the rest of the day until the sun goes down, which were usually when I'm sure my parents were free to fetch me home.

Those were the days...

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