Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Daleks

This is a piece where I drew a Dalek on my Wacom tablet. It wasn't very nice or detailed, but I still like it. The Dalek is probably one of my favourite part from Doctor Who. I know that a lot of Whovians, particularly Classic Whovians, would be quite afraid of it. Me, I am very very attracted to this creature, part love part hate. I went back to watch The Daleks, the first appearance of Daleks in the whole Doctor Who series. The background story was somehow satisfying, very much closed to you-know-what-i-mean. Plus I endured quite several minutes of Susan Foreman's or Barbara's high pitched screams (I watched this on a not that HD version videos, so you can well imagine how bad the screaming quality would be). Since then, Daleks would always make their way into the show, every now and then, somehow getting cuter and cuter. Despite their improvements, they seemed to be getting funnier each time too. 

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