Monday, November 10, 2014

Birthday Weekend

The weekend before the last, was the start of November. And that could only mean one thing: my brother's and my birthdays. It started with mine, hence the cartoon above. On that day, I tried to do things that I like. I went for training and went to lab to do some work. On the way back for shower, I had Indonesian food, which was superb with the soup and met Hall Master by chance. Later, I had a refreshing shower and took a short nap before heading to collect Gorilla, a cake I bought from my lab ex-intern to support her as my birthday gift. Afterwards, I returned to lab to finish off the experiments before heading to the good ol' PGP for dinner. 

We decided to have dinner and a collective celebrations for people having birthdays in November there, partly because that was where our memories of weekend meals were held. Those days when we still uses MSN or SMS, messaging people to announce for dinner time and meeting at the bus terminal before heading for lunch after a day of rest/study/whatever. It was a wonder we managed that for years.

I'm feeling ecstatic with the generosity of people that day. I got a free little mandarin from my lab member and a box of British goodies from Carmen, nicely decorated. And most of all, lovely messages from all the attendees. I shall not post the 'secrets' here but there were wishes and requests, as usual. They were lovely, thank you!

The stall we intended to order from was too crowded and we ended up changing stalls. It was still superb, nonetheless and very family-like with all the dishes shared. I guess that was closest to a family dinner we could get when we were so far from our family, a little comfort for our empty souls... We had the cake, which was still nice and a photo was taken with three November babies in front: Elaine, Reuben and I. It was a good day!

The second day started like a lazy morning. I watched the latest Doctor Who episode as how I did every Sunday morning. It was 'Dark Water' that day. So, yes, I continued my day with quite elated mood. I met up with SyeNee, my high school friend. We weren't really known to each other until our high school despite studying in neighbouring classes. We merely known each other's existences. It was amazing to know her during my second year in high school and I'm exteremely chuffed by the fact that our friendship continue on since then. We had lunch and she actually bought be a mini apple crumble! It served as my tea later that day. 

I brought her around Esplanade and spotted my university friend Florentina performing in guitar ensemble. We stopped to listen for the whole thing before I accompany SyeNee for her shopping for shoes. We said goodbye shortly after and return home.

As part of my birthday, I also did a video log, something that was quite rare this year:


Fanny Ng said...

Happiest birthday, Mafer!:)

Mafer said...

Hahaha, thank you Fanny!