Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy 51st Anniversary, Doctor Who!

Taken from DoctorWhoTV

It's the last hour of 23-11-2014 at my timezone, and I'm sure it is overlapping with UK time, so it IS the same date over there now. This means, it is 51 years since Doctor Who started! It had been a journey, and even though I only know about Doctor Who very recently (this is what my generation missed I guess, Doctor Who was practically missing during our childhood), it has been getting great since.

Last year was the very celebrated 50th Anniversary where we have a special with The Day of The Doctor. We had all these doctors and plus a small glimpse of the latest doctor, Peter Capaldi.

In 23rd November of 1963, 5.16pm, The pilot episode 'An Unearthly Child' was aired in UK, by BBC, featuring the First Doctor (or Doctor Who) William Hartnell. And the show had been on a roller coaster ride since...

In 2014, however, we get to know more about the Twelfth Doctor. It was an incredible year and so many things happened to the storyline, in just one year - or rather, in just one season. There are so many reason to like this show, from the acting to backstage, to scripts, to sound effects, to costumes, to special effects, to video editing, to even publicity!

Saw this fanmade video and thought the song and video was quite good, so I shared it here...

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