Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1 Year

Early December, I went home for my father's one year thing after his passing away. The Chinese followed the lunar calendar and had a formula to calculate the date where we are to have his one-year thing. Ritually-speaking, it was the day when we bring him home from the crematorium, or the place you place the ashes, and he will sit together, with the ancestors. Not sure how true was that, but anyway, I treat it as a visit.

The morning started with breakfast and we had local breakfast where I get to taste char koay teow and roti canai. And the journey began...

As I had mentioned previously, the trip to the crematorium was always very scenic. The fact that it was located at the outskirt, we passed by paddy field, small woods, subways and some hill-y areas.

There was a suhu who helped with the ritual and I just followed what I was told. I did get an experience of using the toilet in the middle of the cemetery, which was a bit weird when my Mum called for me. I wondered if I should or should not respond. But anyway, the ritual continued till we drove home. And finally, Dad was home. The afternoon were spent visiting a few temples for prayers and I guess, grateful for the year passed by and my Dad was finally home, kind of thing.

That was for the lunar calendar part.

I came back to Singapore shortly after and on the Gregorian calendar anniversary, I finally vet an essay which I thought of writing the along the year. I'm glad I did it after one year and here it is:

It's been a year and many things happened. I cannot tell for sure if it is good or bad - but I'm sure one year has passed...

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Night at the Park

This painting was inspired when I was still staying in Jurong East. There was one day that I decided to went for a job after rain, at night. It usually meant humid and lots of sweat, due to the weather here. But apart from that, it was rather windy that day. So I get to see the very quiet side of the park, with the wet surfaces of the ground and leaves, reflecting the street lights. It was supposed to be very beautiful and intricate, but I guess my art skill was still far from that, apologies...

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The French Table

It was a fine Sunday lunch and I thought 'let's have something nice for a quiet afternoon, just me and me'. Yes, as many who knows me would've agree, I'm a person who enjoys alone time a lot - I mean, A LOT. During these times, I get to be with myself, have a debate with myself, or just having tea with myself. 

So, a good meal is great! I found this French café in West Coast Plaza and it was not very crowded, which is a good thing for me.

I had a café latte, for an amateur coffee drinker like me. They're being very kind to serve it with a little canister of syrup, for those who like sweet coffee. There's a wild mushroom soup. It was pure mushrooms and cream, not salty or sweet - very nice - and very filling. My main course was confit de canard. You'd know le canard probably was what you'd be looking for in a French cuisine, and this is superb. It was very well cured and the crust was very fragrant and tasty. The only off-side was, I was very full after these and I failed to proceed to my dessert section, which is sad. I thought I would have some chocolate lava cake or some crème brûlée but it was all wasted, well...

Anyway, it was a great lunch and I did try my best to lengthen my mealtime this particular time and perhaps did succeed by a little.

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