Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014: A Wrapped Up

This post will be summarizing my 2014 so far and perhaps talk about them a little.

It was a trying year for me at the start. I was still coping with the lost of my father. It was a bit difficult because I dealt with it from a slightly different angle than my other family members. I became who I was. I cut off most of my social activities. I focused on things I liked, like doing Science and dwelving in places I feel safe like the lab and my room. I realized I stopped drawing and I was worried I would go into depression (because losing interest in things you like is one of the symptoms), but I'm glad I picked it up in the second half of the year.

I grew up a lot through this year, learning a lot of grown-up stuff like legal procedures, finances, plannings and a lot of thinking. I'm not sure if these are good stuff, but it happened, and I would like to see them as a positive thing that happened in my life for whatever reason.

I am glad to have a bunch of very supportive colleagues who treated my like friend or team, and we had a great time in school and off school. We went Pulau Ubin, and travelled to Jakarta and Bandung, and we went Penang.

It is also a great thing that I am closer to my high school friends now that many of them is in Singapore, especially two of them. We spend loads of weekends together, when we get the time. There were differences, there were disagreements, but there were certainly more joy and more agreements. There were supports and there were teasing. We have differnet problems and we deal with them differently, but knowing them to be there is a different kind of feeling. So, I guess this is what friendship is meant to be.

I'm proud to say that I attended most of the hall alumni gathering. I was indeed late for some of them and perhaps not very 'on' during some. But I think I understand why I always made sure I am there, I think I want to cherish this relationship that was built over the years, when there's no reason to let it go. This don't come by easy in our lives, I guess.

This year, I did something unexpected. I had my first chop on my passport outside Malaysia and Singapore. I went to Indonesia twice. First time with colleagues, second time with a friend and a bunch of people whom I didn't know. They turned out to be enjoyable. I stayed in a temple for few nights. We walked under the scorch hot sun in Penang (This is terrible, will not try this ever again!). I witnessed the vastness of the night sky at Mount Bromo. I visited Kuala Lumpur (which is rare for me). I watched badminton game in the stadium.

I picked up Karate (probably still objected by my Mum because she's worried I will break a bone, so I shall make it a point to be safe). I learned a bit of sports climbing (Level One). I learned tiny bit of Korean (which I probably need to brush up frequently). I supported a lab mate in her singing competition and get to visit Mediacorp theatre for once.

In the lab, I learned a lot of things. I have my own project. I had ups and downs. I think these strengthens my belief that this is where my interest and perseverence will lie. I grew a lot through the project, the process and the people. *Seriously, I'm gonna need more than a paragraph for these, so I will just stop it here.*

Overall, I think I had a great year, especially when things started to move faster during the later part of the year. It's not like the first part was rubbish, I think that it is how I went through the first part that second part happened after that. I'm pleased and surprised by things I did in 2014 and I hope next year will be as or more superb.

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