Sunday, March 22, 2015


Hello, everyone. It has been almost a month since this happened and I am ready to introduce you with my new camera. I had an old Fujifilm which my parents surprised me when I was inside the camp during National Service, almost ten years ago. It is still working, though not having as nice clarity as even phone cameras. After that, I sort of 'borrowed' my brother's camera for years because he did not have a habit of bringing a camera around. That was a free camera our family gotten from getting a new TV. That camera was quite good and I was with it for quite a while. Then, I landed myself with rather good-quality phone camera. Even my current phone was quite good, I'd say. However, since my brother started to have adventure of his own, it was only polite for me to return the camera and I started to hunt for one.

And since I have started to earn money myself, I have to budget my own camera and save up for it. So earlier last month I went to Funan thinking of checking out the X-100T, because the review sounds awesome. Turned out it was too advanced for me, especially when my experiences were around pocket camera. So the sales person actually introduced a few models that would suited me better. I ended up choosing one I thought could fulfill my usual usage, as in snapping street photos - unglam photos, X-M1. 

So here it is, me introducing M - I gave it a name as my usual MO.

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