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Phuket-Land Trip 2015 III

20 June 2015

Jui Tui Shrine and Put Jaw Shrine

After several consideration, we decided a package which will be bringing us out of the island for the next day. For that very day, we decided to hire a taxi - more like a tuk tuk driver to bring us to few places. Due to the limitation of the transport and budget, we did have to cut down our expectation, but hey, going around the southern part of the island in a tuk tuk is quite cool.

Before we start our journey, we changed and packed and we snapped a photo of this in case we need a rough map. This was the wall in the hostel reception area.

We went to find the tuk tuk and we started the drive. We passed by the alleys of the town in higher speed, compared to our walking speed. And this is Family Mart. Now I get to take a photo just to show you where we've been getting our junk food.

We heard about this transportation from our fellow room mate and finally get to see the difference. This was like the same vehicle I boarded during diving trip and it was called songthaew. The difference between this and Phuket tuk tuk, was the size and the basic vehicle. This one was a truck in comparison to van/car sized tuk tuk. Plus, in songthaew, you could actually stand at the back part with ladder and feel the wind pass by.

It was still morning, hence we get to see stalls with resemblance to morning market and people walking around. I find the streets slightly similar to those in Georgetown but a wider.

Our first destinations were Jui Tui Shrine and Put Jaw Shrine. Both of them were situated side by side at Ranong Road. This is how the first one looked like. Judging by the name, I think Jui Tui Shrine stood for this first one, because it sounded like Nine Emperor in chinese, while Put Jaw sounded like Boddhisatva in Chinese, which was the second temple next to the first one.

This little tower looked well decorated and I would have thought it was a building too. Turned out there where peopleburn the worshipping papers.

What caught my attention? This piece of couplet. Look at the suns and moons it used! And for the record, I can only read up to three suns and two moons. I can't even find how the rest was pronounced. I guess, probably the meaning was to say how many infinity days and nights...

This is the 'title' of the temple. I am not so sure about the second one, but the first one was the Nine Emperor Gods. These are gods which could be observed to be worshipped at places along the coast and near sea. Nine Emperor Gods has many said origin but usually related to sea and star lords. If you were to visit their temple during the ninth month of the lunar calendar, you could observe the Nine Emperor Gods Festival where people will be having vegan diet and rituals where some people went into trance-like state as an act of 'returning the favour' to gods, for perhaps something they were granted previously. In Penang, at the end of the nine days, the Gods were returned to the sea and all trance would vanish the moment the people walked into the sea.

The temple was pretty old and we were taking an interest in the 'answer to the lots'. In Chinese temple, there were usually bamboo strips put together where people will ask questions (to the God) while shaking the strips in a bamboo cup. And after one of the strips fall out of the container, with confirmation from the God (usually by throwing two half-moon wooden thing), the person could refer the strips to these 'answers'. The strips usually have numbers on it and you will just get a note from the respective box. However, look at these? The 'answers' were categorized before hand, where you go to the area of question you asked and take the number. From this photo, you could see more medical field: for women, for men, or surgery... etc.

The papers inside were pretty old too!

For the second temple, which was literally next door, the interior was very similar with usual chinese temple. However, we were lucky to be able to witness a 'kai guang' ceremony. It was something like an initiation ceremony for the gods statue for people to bring back home to worship and have gods protecting them...

At the end of the tour, we took a group photo, with the help of the tuk tuk driver.

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