Saturday, August 15, 2015

Phuket-Land Trip 2015 IV

20 June 2015

Cashew Nut Factory Visit

After the previous stop, we continued our journey on the vehicle. Here are the other two passengers chilling while the wind flew by...

We get to see more of the streets of Phuket. There were familiar shophouses selling daily stuff like this one (left). Piles of pails, bottles, containers, chair, broom, cups, bowls... anything you need - the dry stuff - in your house. And there were also houses which were well-painted and looked very nice (right). They were beautiful and I wondered what it's like, to stay in there...

Our next destination was a cashew nut factory. It was a coincidence when I just had a conversation with my ex-colleague over the chat group about cashew nut, water guava and jambu. This was a small scale factory, more for display rather than functional.

So, visitors were quickly gathered at each stations where demonstration of traditional processing of cashew nut was shown. The first one showed the extraction of the raw nut from its hard shell. This machine here has a screw-like punch which will go right through the 'eye' area and pry open the nut shell. And from inside, you get one cashew nut.

If you are curious. The red coloured object was a demonstration of how cashew nut fruit looked like. Having come from the same family of jambu air, they looked almost the same, except the nut of this, which could be seen at the bottom of the fruit after the bell-shaped body, is edible.

In the same factory, there were some machines too. Those were not as large scale as those manufacturing plant machineries, but it should be sufficient for the local factory uses. The one on the left seemed to be a roasting machine while the right one is a packaging machine. It was a pity the tour did not include explanation to these sections. 

The tour was quite short and we were shortly leaving the area. This is how it looked like from outside...

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