Monday, August 10, 2015

Rocks That Bleed by Bertie Gilbert

I watched Rocks That Bleed, a short film by Bertie Gilbert, today. The work-in-progress feed about this work was always filling up my screen but I didn't really know what was it about. I used to watch Bertie Gilbert's Youtube videos. In fact, he was one of the first vloggers whom I watched and followed. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I knew about Bertie from Harry Potter. And some resourceful fans pointed out this channel he had and I started watching the channel. At first they were simple, funny videos, which sometimes left you like 'what?'. But after some time, his skills improved. If I haven't mistaken, most of his old videos were taken down. Anyway, his current videos were more artsy and have more meaning, in my personal opinion. For example, this short film. It didn't have complicated plot. It was not long. It was not heavily manipulated. However, the feeling is there. I could get what the film was trying to convey, the emotion, the message. Nonetheless, one thing I like about his new film was the filmography, the shots were well captured, very ecstatic indeed. Do give it a try and have a look!

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