Sunday, November 29, 2015


Wow, it took me a month to start writing about my birthday!

To kick off with what I've got up my sleeve for my birthday this year, I did a little short cover on David Bowie's "Space Oddity" with a little thank you message before that for people who had played a part in my life.

My birthday at the start of this month was a Sunday, but basically it started the day before. Sharlene made a sudden invitation for lunch on a Saturday. Since I was going to the lab, I suggested NUH and it turned out KJ could join us too! We decided to have some Penang food at Penang Street outlet, which was enough to curb the desire for home town delicacies. We chat and joked and it turned out they planned to treat me for my birthday the day after. It was very nice of them and I thanked them. Through the conversation, we got to know about our common friend, G, who was admitted into the hospital but the visiting hour had passed. So we had to give it a miss.

On the day of my birthday, I woke up early in the morning to watch Doctor Who, it was the Zygon Invasion episode. Then, I prepared myself and went over to Maxwell Food Centre as planned with ZL and Stephanie. We got to eat some local food like pancakes and dumplings. We did not manage to try all the food there obviously, because we only have three stomachs in total. Stephanie showed me the banana cake she made as I requested that as a birthday special.

After the lunch, we walked a little around the area and went to Department of Caffeine for some café stuff. I got a latté and we shared a banana waffle (which reminded me of the amount of banana we had on the same day). We chat a bit and also decided to visit our friend in the hospital after that.

Before the hospital visiting hour, we still have an hour or two to spend, so I pop back into the lab for some quick stuff, like checking the cells and some simple experiments. It was fruitful, nonetheless. I was very pleased with the result. And later that day, we spent an hour visiting our friend, and get to know how he was settling in with his post-operation recovery phase. All is well but his mother was rather worried, which was normal. He got a very cute kidney plushie, which was cool! Dinner after that was in Kopitiam and we ended the day to rest for Monday.

ZL also gave me a pack of presents, which was very very nice of her. These stuff could easily be practical in my life. The tumbler, needless to say; the book, good for my 2016 to-do planner (I have been making good use of MUJI notebook for 2015 so I shall continue the habit); the brownie, my snack for the next few days; the shortcakes, literally my breakfast for the next week.

On Monday, I had a lovely treat by two of my lab members, somehow by surprise. I thought it was a joke, but it turned out they really treat me to good food in Marché. Not just that, they finally introduced me the infamous Tutu Kueh from Singapore. I haven't had one during my seven-year-stay here, so it was a shame. It was a small stall with a lady moulding flour with flavours in these funny-looking device. The whole steam-feel was making it so classic.

A photo posted by Mafer Seow (@freshwiz_mafer) on

The final product? Little round piece of white flour that melts in your mouth. I find myself liking the coconut-flavoured ones.

And hence, this is my birthday in a short summary. It was cozy and lovely, and I thought it was great! In addition to that, I also posted a sketch painting for my brother's birthday... which was just the day after mine..


Fanny Ng said...

what an eventful and cozy birthday!! :D

Mafer said...

Thanks, Fanny! Yes, it is very eventful :)