Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Hello 2016!

First of all, bonne année! Almost a week into this new year, I am slowly wrapping last year's things and re-organizing this year's. I have updated a bit on my AJIT (A Journal of Impossible Things) just as what I did last year and the year before last. That is where I list down things I would want to do for this 2016 while keeping a progress record. At the end of the year, I will use that as a review and compare the resolutions.

This year's plan was basically almost similar to last year's. I mean, well, I didn't really change any great directions, so the things are roughly the same. There are a few interesting things I would like to do, but not priorities. These will be updated once I spot space for them. And of course, I leaved some space for unexpected surprises too.

For my resolutions, I do have a few words on them. I did not increase my reading goal compared to last year even though I exceeded my goal. One book a month is a reasonable goal for me, and this time, I asked for one more thing from myself - to read and enjoy the process. I realized there were times when I was rushing to finish a book, or glanced through one carelessly because I thought they were uninteresting. I should put in more effort on that. For Science, I want to widen and deepen the scale, to really live with it. There are still times I was not delicate or inquisitive enough, which should be corrected. Organization skill is also another thing I would like to take note. Others, all come into almost the same thing. This year, I want to fully utilize my time and energy for useful things. I want to push myself, to achieve better and more. Not that I am not happy with my life now. I want to go beyond that. Being happy is fundamental and that is my benchmark, it is time to go extra miles.

So to sum it up, this year is the year I know I will be actively reaching out for wisdom. I used to joke about this, that while getting older, we will get wiser. While many among us are worried about an extra lines on their faces (I don't see why we should be too worried about that because eventually physical aging will come to us. Plus, some lines make your face look more natural and happier.), I would like to dedicate my time to improve myself, to attain wisdom.

Thank you.

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