Friday, January 01, 2016

My 2015

I  made comments of my 2015 based on my resolution set early previous year in previous post. In this one, I will summarize further on matters.

2015 had been a great year in the sense that I was lucky enough to visit a few countries, Suichang in China earlier this year and Phuket, Thailand during the summer, twice. I am not a travel person, as in, I enjoy travelling but it was not my life priority and I preferred travel with agendas better. Well, my view might change in the future, but for now, it is a surprise for me to even go anywhere far. I even went to Johor Bahru once to meet up with friends. It was nothing big, but pleasant.

I did a dive trip, which was enjoyable. I made new friends during the dive trip and gotten my advanced open water diving licence. I know I will need more experience in order to be better so I will try to make more time for that.

I managed to get another certificate for my Karate. I have to admit I did not put in too much effort, which was a shame. 

I went for exhibitions this year, making full use of the availability of the museum and heritage board, which was cool! Learned new things and get a little bit wiser, I even get to look inside the Sultan Mosque in Singapore.

In terms of Science, there were ups and downs, and I think that was what life was all about. I grew a lot this year and failed a lot. I am still growing and there is a long journey ahead.

Is there anything I wished I could have done more? Oh yes. I tried to use more of recycling bag and did actually do well early 2015. But I started to not do that in later half of the year, so I really need to do this again in 2016. Another. This probably sound like an excuse, but the 2015 haze affected my exercise schedule. I really need to do something about that too!

It was a really really summarized version and I had a great year!

Thank you.

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