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The Weird Wizard: Seow Vui Yin (Mafer)
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Salut à tous! Mafer is frankly not my real name, it's a nick created by me - but it sticks and it had become more than just a nickname ever since - so, it's fine to call me Mafer, seriously. I am proud to admit my passion towards Science and research. Science is my number one interest of all time, so far, and it will be. My study is on Life Sciences but I love all kinds of Science. My more naive interest lies in Physics but I upgraded Biology during my high school, after making a decision between the two. As for Chemistry, it's a love-hate relationship, ha! Research-wise, it is just in me - there's no way I could explain it in just one page.

Another interesting things would be me realizing how much I liked history, European History in particular. Getting a minor in European Studies, taking those lectures didn't lie on the basis of getting a minor - but the other way round, I simply keep taking interesting stuff and it turned out I could complete the minor! 

So, now here I am, a Science and History geek, I would love to share my experiences, knowledge, findings and understanding with you. I will be transforming my post into a better platform but I won't be deleting any of my previous post, because no matter how lousy they are, it will be an evidence whether I improved along the time...

I started blogging about Science since 2012. Not a frequent science blogger as those over the Internet, just my sharing on some of my readings or findings. I also do drawings as a past time. You can visit the small collection here

If there's anything, feel free to contact me through here. I enjoy communicating with my readers, for real!

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