Study Room

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This is where me, Mafer, will be studying, or rather - learning. It is a small library, where I like to hide myself between the rows of books while munching those pages. At the same time, I will spend my time writing, drawing, thinking and reading over on my table too. And the above is the day I study on that table during my high school and secondary school life. Chung Ling Butterworth student will understand why am I like a boy there (3cm under ear...*sob*... but now quite miss it)... That tie look very funny under such contrast, but the real tie is definitely much more nicer. Oops, I am talking to much about myself. Back to my study...
This is one of the display of my book shelves:

This is some view of my study(actually is my dream study):

I apologize to my two friends who commented beautifully towards my library and study during my previous post as I will be deleting the post once I added this page. Hence, I would attach their comments in memory to their beautiful compliments...

that is one reason i once dreamed of becoming a librarian when i was young XD u love books with magical themes dont u=)god that is alot of books u've read!
VHanded Cheepeng said...
Wow... the library is so magical. Feel like I can use voice command to find the book, or 1 of the book is the key to the dungeon. haha

Wish you could feel my love towards these knowledge-devouring passion as well.

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